DDImages Tool (beta)

For articles on

  1. Article URL: enter the article URL for image extraction in the image creation step;
  2. Quote: Put in your favorite quote from the article above;
  3. Quoting From: name of the person who said the above quote (usually article's author, but it may be others) 
  4. Background Image: you can use images in the above article or from Unsplash, Pexels, etc;
  5. Avatar Image: in most cases, find the image of the person who said the quote (such as the author's portrait)
  6. Select either Dark / Light Theme (which will optimize logo/font color in the image output)
  7. Recipient Name: the person who will receive the images;
  8. Recipient Email: the email address where all images will be sent to;

After clicking on "Create Images", you will be taken to the output page where you can post on different types of social media, including whatsapp and telegram;

You can also "Copy Shareable URL", which will be a ddimages.xyz URL that will automatically redirect traffic to the article URL you specified. With proper visuals and a meaningful quote, this will bring traffic to your articles on DDI medium and main site.

We will continue to improve on our templates and expand on social media / messenging tool integrations. Any suggestions and comments, please send it to support@datadriveninvestor.com.